Thursday, July 13, 2017

Timeline of Social Networks -or- the Long Haul

I was listening to KERA's Think and they mentioned the concept of social networks.  It got me think...

But the book Long Haul, is its own interesting story - A Million Miles and Counting - A Trucker's Tale.

Did you know 41 million people move in the US a year?  Having moved a few times in my life, sometime with the Bed-Bugger's help, this book is a great insight into that life.
Author: Finn Murphy's CB handle - "U-Turn"
The radio interview noted the concept of social networks in the 21st century.  What is a highway - but a manifestation of a social network - a trail across the land.

A rough time line - hey -it's a beginning... iterate...
  • tomorrow's social network (telepathy) 

  • Google Wave (a new and failed concept) 2009 
  • Twitter 2006 

  • Facebook (et. al) 2004 
  • Google Mail 2004 

  • SMS (text messaging) 1992 
  • Internet (commercialization of the tech beyond academia) 1990 
  • World-Wide-Web 1989 
  • AOL - bulletin board services ( Quantum Link ) 1984 

  • Usenet 1980 
  • email (revised protocols) 1970s 

  • ARPA-net 1969 

  • Citizens Band Radio (CB-radio) 1945 

  • HAM radio (amateur radio) 1909 

  • Telephone 1876 
  • Telephone Party Line 1872 
  • Telegraph. 1837 
  • Optical Telegraph 1792 
  • Dinner counter 

  • Church (the meeting after the meeting) 

  • roads, trails between villages 
  • paths between homes 
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