Monday, April 21, 2014

Backlog for Team Launch

Here's an exercise for the leadership - expand this simple backlog and track it until the project is completed - the project is to launch a team.

Goal:  lauch a new team;  success criteria - doing sprint 1 and releasing a product increment

 -  An "Order" to create team
 -  Business to deliver Purpose / Vision for new team
 -  Team Roster
 -  Team Infrastructure
 -  Mutate Wishlist into a Product Backlog (visible to team, sized, prioritized by delivery order)
 -  Team Launch Workshop

Here is agile42's advice on creating a great team.

Here's a video documentary of how one of the Tech Industry's greatest visionary purposely built his next company.  Built from the heart, with passion, because they all wanted to make a difference in the world.

I suggest your team watch this video - discuss how they can be like the founders of NeXT.  What similarities does your team have with this team?  Do NOT focus on the differences.  Play the game of appreciative inquiry with you teams capabilities compared to this groups proven success (and don't focus upon the failures).  Make a list of similarities, map personalities in your team to roles presented, decide if you wish to mimic this process.

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Someone is always asking how big can the team be and still be effective and productive?  This is a well know question with well researched answers - the question left on the table is....  Will you Mr. Manager believe the answer?  Choosing the Team Size in Scrum  by Mark Levison

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